DEEPSØNØS EPisodes: 10-min sonic meditation downloads produced at 432hz to enhance your meditation/mindfulness practice wherever you are.

“Her soul-expanding sound anchored us deeply in meditation.” - Light Watkins, Vedic Meditation Teacher, Founder of The Shine

"Interstellar wave travel, going through outer space." - Dhru Purohit, Founder of Clean

“Took me out of Brooklyn, through the sky, under water, and ended on fire.” - Anonymous

"Sonic stardust." - Lauren Mechling, Vogue

“Highly conscious and sensory experience.”  - Ashley B.

“My energy was free to move out of this room and body to heal loved ones.” - Andi K.

"Beautiful experience." - Emmy E.


7/8/18: Bass Coast Festival, Merritt, BC, Canada





Envision Fest, Uvita, Costa Rica  

Love Yoga Fest, Cape Cod, MA

Joshua Tree Spring Music Festival, Joshua Tree, CA

Tech Open Air Festival, Berlin, Germany

The Shine, Los Angeles, CA


Wanderlust Festivals (VT, CO, Puebla/Valle de Bravo MX)

Bass Coast Festival, BC Canada

Shambhala Festival, BC Canada

Lucidity Festival, Santa Barbara, CA

Sonic Bloom Festival, Rye, CO